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Ultraviolet for Air handing units (AHU)

Disinfect air & Save Energy with the same system

WHY UVGI In Air Handling Unit (AHU) in HVAC systems?

Corona Virus Can Be Air Bourne. UVGI completely disinfects the air in HVAC systems.

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US Center for Disease Control has issued a guideline on air borne Corona Virus

World Health Organisation has said that SARS CoV-2 can be airborne

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Dependable UV Technology

Completely disinfect and coil with the same system

At Finsen Ritter, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies to operate is a safe environment.

  1. Tested with NABL Accredited Labs

  2. Our system will help businesses to open up safely.

  3. Build Customer's confidence

  4. Enable employees to function better

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SMART UVGI SYSTEM with Internet connectivity

Automatically senses the status of each lamp and ballasts. It makes our system truly unique and with realtime monitoring.

Saves Energy

UVGI solutions totally removes biofouling hence restoring the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Break Even Point is at 12 months. I.e. in 12 months the total investment is recovered due to energy savings.

Cloud Integration & Electronic Control Panel

We provide cloud integration and electronic control panel for easy operations

IoT Enabled

Temperature, Humidity, Motion and Air Flow sensors makes the system fully automated with the power of AI based cloud controller. It is a true IoT based device.

Cost effective

UV air disinfection costs just Rs 5 to run for an hour, which is multiple times cheaper than other technologies.

Continuous Air Disinfection

Corona Virus spreads via air. Hospitals are at a high risk for spread of COVID-19. UV devices continuously disinfects air in the Hospitals.


UV prevents mould formation on coil. Hence saves power by improving efficiency.

Break Even Point (BEP)

Due to energy savings, get back the money invested in the system within 12 months. Hence, this green initiative pays you back!



We at Finsen Ritter provide consultancy for your custom requirements and needs. Providing one stop end-to-end solutions for UV disinfection methods and protocols at no additional cost.


Installation support is provided as an option. We provide full literature and installation guide for customers who avail the self installation module.


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Hospitals,OPD and Clinics

Factories, Plants and warehouses

Offices, meeting rooms and corridors

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Hotel Room

Schools and colleges

Airplanes,buses and Railways

Hotels and Restaurants

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