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Vital Aire UV Air Sanitizer

With the power of 75 W UV C lamp, completely disinfect air of a large hall.

Why's there a need of air steriliser?

Corona Virus Can Be Air Bourne. UVGI completely disinfects the air in HVAC systems.

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US Center for Disease Control has issued a guideline on air borne Corona Virus

World Health Organisation has said that SARS CoV-2 can be airborne

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Vital Aire UV Air Sanitizer

Packed with the power of 75 W UV Lamp and industrial grade high CFM low noise fan.

Vital Aire 75 is designed to provide UltraViolet Germicidal Disinfection for sterilizing air the help of UVGI lamps. These are completely effective against Corona Virus.

These lamps use
Germicidal radiation in the Far UV-C range of 254 nanometers wavelength, which effectively
eliminates dangerous microbes like Viruses, Bacterial, Fungus, Moulds and Spores.


Working Principle

Vital Aire circulates air from the bottom and passes through a high output (HO) 75 W UV lamp enclosed in a mirror finish stainless steel body. It has high flow rate of 400 CFM.

This completely disinfects the air in one air passing through the device.

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Stainless Steel SAE Grade 304

Durability Guaranteed


Easily control the speed of the fan of the device

Low Noise

Low noise AC fan is used for high durability


Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Allows for easy movement of air while there's no UV leakage

UV lamps

Providing the best in class chemical free disinfection

No Setup, Plus & Play Device

Just plug and play the device. It is as easy as that


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Image by kate.sade

Hospitals,OPD and Clinics

Factories, Plants and warehouses

Offices, meeting rooms and corridors

Image by Ivan Aleksic
Image by Suhyeon Choi
Hotel Room

Schools and colleges

Airplanes,buses and Railways

Hotels and Restaurants

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