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Lumos UV 600

For comprehensive UV disinfection. Let's defeat the COVID-19 together.

Lumos 600

The Power of 600 W UV Lamps for best in class disinfection

Lumos UV™ is designed to provide UltraViolet Germicidal Disinfection for sterilizing the exposed
Surfaces and Air of an unoccupied area with the help of UVGI lamps. These lamps use
Germicidal radiation in the Far UV-C range of 254 nanometers wavelength, which effectively
eliminates dangerous microbes like Viruses, Bacterial, Fungus, Moulds and Spores. We
target 70 J/cm2 making it best in class.




Stainles Steel SAE Grade 304

Durability Guaranteed

RF Remote

Provides Connectivity through the walls

Smartphone App

Bluetooth enabled smartpone app for connectivity


Stainless Steel Wheel for easy mobility

Take our product to places

UV lamps

Providing the best in class chemical free disinfection

Proximity Sensors

Automatically Turns off the machine if anyone comes near


Image by Science in HD
Image by kate.sade

Hospitals,OPD and Clinics

Factories, Plants and warehouses

Offices, meeting rooms and corridors

Image by Ivan Aleksic
Image by Suhyeon Choi
Hotel Room

Schools and colleges

Airplanes,buses and Railways

Hotels and Restaurants

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