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Helios UV Series

Celing Mounted & Wall Mounted Solution for disinfection.

Custom built for your specific needs and equipped with RF remote, Bluetooth and Proximity Sensors.


Motion Sensor

Optional Motion sensor for safety

Cloud Integration & Electronic Control Panel

We provide cloud integration and electronic control panel for easy operations

Radio Frequency (RF) remote & Bluetooth

Easily turn the system On or Off using such solutions

Cost effective

UV air disinfection costs just Rs 5 to run for an hour, which is multiple times cheaper than other technologies.

Continuous Air Disinfection

The wall mount device continuously disinfects the air in the upper air column.

Occupied room

Device can be used in an occupied room



Doctor's Clinic
Office Space
Image by kate.sade

Clinics & Labs

Co-working spaces

Offices, meeting rooms and corridors

Therapy Room
Knit Shop

Saloons & Spa



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