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About Us

About The Company

We specialize in Industrial turnkey solutions. We have developed our in-house technologies in the design, supply, installation, and testing of chemical and gas plants.


We have businesses in Europe, Africa, and India. Our design center is in Amsterdam.


We have expertise in oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, ANA, UVGI equipment, Water Treatment, Brewing Equipment, Solar power plants, Milk Chiller plants, chlorination plant, biogas plant, Bio CNG plant, noise monitoring devices, etc


We follow the state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 standards across all our equipment and plants delivering the best of equipment to our clients.

At Finsen Ritter, we're driven by a simple vision: to be the world's greatest industrial gases and engineering firm, providing cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions to our clients while adding value to all of our partners.

Our Vision

To be the top-performing engineering and industrial gases firm in the world, where our employees provide cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solutions for our clients in a globalised environment.

Our Mission

Empowering positive change to the globe through innovation and collaboration.

Our Values

Vision, Mission & Values

Safety - Safety is our top priority. Our mission is to prevent unwanted harm to individuals, communities, or the environment, and we think that all occurrences are preventable. All throughout the world, we are constantly working to improve our safety culture and performance.

Integrity - We constantly work to attain our objectives in an honest and moral manner. In accordance with our Code of Business Integrity, we demand open communication and courtesy from management, staff, and our business partners. 

Community: We are dedicated to making the places where we live and work better. Together with employee volunteerism, our charitable donations support programs that have a significant and long-lasting impact on the world.

Inclusion - In order to attract, nurture, and keep the greatest personnel and create high-performance teams, we encourage diversity and inclusion. We realise our full promise and potential by listening to all perspectives and making use of all opinions, thoughts, and viewpoints.

Accountability - Both individually and collectively, we are responsible for our performance. We place equal emphasis on what we achieve as well as how we achieve it, and we are dedicated to achieving both personal and organizational objectives. 

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